Les Urbainculteurs are working since 2009 toward the development of a productive and innovative urban agriculture in Quebec and elsewhere. On rooftops and terraces or directly in the ground… we cultivate the city!

Our mission

As a non-profit organization, our mission is to promote gardening and urban agriculture by:

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    Taking Action

    What better proof than example? Every year we design, produce and maintain many urban gardens in pots and in the ground. The best way to demonstrate the benefits of urban agriculture!

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    Raising awareness

    Urban gardening has a lot of benefits! By introducing individuals and organizations to the benefits of urban agriculture, we encourage everyone to have its own garden. Our means of awareness? Our conferences and training, our newsletter, our website and social networks.

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    Offering products

    We offer practical solutions for growing in the city, small, medium or large scale. Smart Pots, Iriso, and the various products we sell in the store are all tested and approved!

The benefits of
Urban agriculture

Why practice urban agriculture? There are many benefits!

  • Green and beautify the surroundings
  • Eat fresh, healthy and local
  • Reconnect with nature, seasons and the origin of food
  • Reduce the transport-related pollution of food
  • Participate in the fight against urban heath islands
  • Contribute to biodiversity
  • Promote food security
  • Create social ties and share knowledge and crops
  • Learn an essential knowledge
  • Take action for a sustainable development, by a gesture that has a strong potential for media coverage
  • Promote a responsible consumption and a local, ecological production

Our Team

Who are the Urbainculteurs ? At the beginning, two co-founders : Marie Eisenmann and Francis Denault. Since the birth of the organization in 2009, agronomists, biologists, environmental scientists and sustainability specialists joined in… above all, urban agriculture enthusiasts!

  • Johann Girault

    Director general

  • Marie-Hélène Jacques

    Operations director




  • Dominique Manny

    Projects manager

  • Marie-Hélène Dubé

    Communications manager

  • Pascal Lebel

    Store manager and advisor

  • Marie-Andrée Asselin


  • Robin Marier


  • Maude Provencher


Board of directors

  • Hubert Corbeil


  • Luc Godin
    FCPA, FCMA, M. Sc


  • Johann Girault


  • Marie-Hélène Jacques
    M. Sc



  • Marie Eisenmann


  • Francis Denault


Our Partners