Blackcurrant in a pot on a balcony? Apple trees on a paved parking lot? It is possible! Our experiments showed that a lot of edible perennials (eg.: herbs and berries) grown in Smart Pots support the winter without any protection other than snow. One more reason to promote the cultivation of fruit trees and shrubs, often unknown or forgotten.

Growing fruit trees

For these species, cultivation in pots makes it possible to address the lack of space on the ground in cities, the problem of invasive plants (raspberry, mint), people moving frequently, etc. But all pots are not equal: the dense and thick root system that grows in Smart Pots allows a greater survival to winter.

Which size of Smart Pots should I chose for growing fruit trees? We must choose a Smart Pot #30 or larger.

Each spring, we take your orders of fruit trees and bushes with our partner, Pépinière ancestrale. We organize a delivery in late April, early May. Follow us on Facebook or subscribe to our newsletter to keep you informed!

Gardening tips

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Multiply your strawberries

Planter des fruitiers

C’est le moment idéal pour planter des fruitiers. Arbres ou arbustes, classiques ou méconnus, la panoplie est vaste et mérite vraiment d’être redécouverte. Faciles, les petits fruits demandent aussi peu d’espace que de soins. Pas de terrain ? Cultivez les en pots !

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