Les Urbainculteurs are working since 2009 toward the development of a productive and accessible agriculture, adapted to the urban context. On rooftops and terraces or directly in the ground… we cultivate the city!

Our vision

We dream of a green and nourishing city, productive and enjoyable, fully rooted in its time and ready to face the challenges of the future. Convinced that the changes needed on a global scale must be initiated at the local level, we are working to develop an ecological and accessible agriculture, adapted to the urban context. One garden at a time, we change our living environment, promote biodiversity and produce fresh, healthy and ultra-local food.

Our mission

We develop and promote a productive, accessible and responsible urban agriculture for the benefit of organizations and individuals, in order to increase food security, improve our living environments and promote an ecological transition.

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Our values


Les Urbainculteurs favors a collaborative and altruistic approach, putting forward the sharing of knowledge and partnerships. Their actions are always aiming for excellence, innovation and consistency. By working to green the urban space and produce food locally in an ecological approach, they are committed to reducing their negative impact on the environment and maximizing their positive impact. The organization also aims for financial autonomy and a greater freedom of action.

Working at Urbainculteurs means working in an open and flexible environment, where all are welcomed and valued for their strengths. Mutual aid and solidarity unite the team and allow it to accomplish an impressive number of projects each year. Above all, working at Urbainculteurs means having the space to grow, explore, innovate… while having fun!

The benefits of
Urban agriculture

Why practice urban agriculture? There are many benefits!

  • Green and beautify the surroundings
  • Eat fresh, healthy and local
  • Reconnect with nature, seasons and the origin of food
  • Reduce the transport-related pollution of food
  • Participate in the fight against urban heath islands
  • Contribute to biodiversity
  • Promote food security
  • Create social ties and share knowledge and crops
  • Learn an essential knowledge
  • Take action for a sustainable development, by a gesture that has a strong potential for media coverage
  • Promote a responsible consumption and a local, ecological production

Our Team

Johann Girault
Bread-and-hummus-based diet
Defuses problematic situations with sensitivity
« OK, d'accord »

Johann Girault

General director

Johann (pronounced Yoan) is always imagining new projects while ensuring that those in progress are carried out. In addition to leading our organization in urban agriculture, he is co-owner of Les Jardins de la Mescla, an organic vegetable farm. Johann is also trained in nonviolent communication and is a mediator in the cohabitat where he lives and that he helped to set up.

In his pocket: A bachelor’s degree in agronomy, an MBA in corporate social and environmental responsibility, and… chocolate.

Vicki Duval
Bursts out laughing... and apologize right after
Being as energetic as if she was on a sugar high
Dreams about 40 000 projects in her head

Vicki Duval

Coordinator – Operations
Trainer and speaker

Garden plans, customer relations, supervision… Vicki is the one who makes sure our projects come to life! After passing at Santropol Roulant, AmiEs de la Terre, Nature Québec, Ateliers à la Terre and Ferme Bédard Blouin, we can say that she is passionate about project management, community organization and urban agriculture! Radiant with good humor, Vicki is spontaneous, dynamic and entrepreneurial.

In her pocket: A bachelor’s degree in anthropology, a diploma in horticulture… and surely an origami crane!

Marie-Hélène Jacques

Project manager
Consultant and trainer

Delving into her knowledge of edible perennials and permaculture as fast as into her expertise in project management, Marie-Hélène leads her projects with enthusiasm and attention to detail. Her incredible adventures are matched only by her impressive resume, which makes her both the most likeable and reliable leader we can have. We’re lucky she does not pursue one of dozens of other careers that interest her! She also leads the project Couleurs locales with Marie-Andrée.

In her pocket: A baccalaureate and a master’s degree in biology, but no phone because she forgot it somewhere.

Marie-Hélène Jacques
Has favorite plants
Adds sriracha on everything
Gets excited about the last Radiolab episode

Marie-Hélène Dubé

Coordinator – Communications and human resources
Mâche-patate Co-host

Marie-Hélène is honored to showcase our projects and spread urban agriculture! Playing the roles of community manager, editor, content creator, podcast host, event planner, webmaster and graphic designer, she gets involved in just about every project. She also ensures the coordination of our various activities and that everyone can flourish at work. When she’s not admiring the genius of nature, she can be found with her nose in a book or worrying about the hundreds of things she’d like to learn.

In her pocket: Studies in arts, human sciences, religions, public relations, sustainable development… a tortuous path!

Marie-Hélène Dubé
Reminds us of our goals at meetings that go in all directions
Runs after time to live all her passions
Complete Potterhead

Marie-Andrée Asselin
Official provider of funny expressions
Feels sleepy after lunch
Tours the finest restaurants

Marie-Andrée Asselin

Horticultural manager
Trainer and speaker
Mâche-patate Co-host

Marie-Andrée has worked as a horticulturist for the Urbainculteurs since 2015. She takes care of the plants as well as of the conferences and training she gives. She’s also our #1 horticultural reference. Since Summer 2019, she co-hosts Mâche-patate. Outside of work, if you don’t find Marie-Andrée running, cross-country skiing or drinking an IPA on a terrace, she is probably knitting… or dying wool with MH Jacques for their project Couleurs locales.

In her pocket: A past as an archivist (and a bachelor’s degree in Ancient Studies), as well as a collegial diploma in horticultural production.

Audrick McManiman
Gets mixed up with words or phrases
Offers or asks for a helping hand
Grits his teeth when seeing something cute

Audrick McManiman

Social horticulturist and carpenter

Audrick is one of those candidates we couldn’t help but want to meet right away when we saw his resume. Combining horticulture, education and social work, his multidisciplinary profile and his love of people lead him to take charge of the volunteering on our urban vegetable farm project. He is also responsible for our (always increasing) carpentry projects. You should see the stars in his eyes when he talks about woodworking!

In his pocket: A baccalaureate in social work, multiple certificates, a course in home aquaponics and always a penknife (for non-violent reasons, such as peeling an apple or cutting string).

Cynthia Lidji

Online store and web marketing manager

Motivated, positive and determined, Cynthia has the spirit of an entrepreneur. Besides, we hear she wants to develop her own sustainability-oriented business one day. For now, she runs our online store and supports MH Dubé with events and marketing. In her spare time, Cynthia enjoys the outdoors, reads and does personal development. Always in learning mode, she loves interacting with people from all walks of life and enriching herself alongside them.

In her pocket: A bachelor’s degree in business administration, marketing and finance, and her awesome ice-cream-cone-shaped-coffee-mug.

Cynthia Lidji
Becomes a barista between two orders
Always ready to help
Gets excited everytime she manages to grow a plant

Étienne Belles-Isles

Videographer, horticulturist and carpenter helper

With one foot in nature and another on the moon, Étienne is a creative and a dreamer, while being organized and diligent in the projects he leads. In addition to actively participating in the installation and maintenance of our gardens, he gives Audrick an indispensable helping hand with the carpentry work. After having co-directed our web mini-series on the Louise Basin Gardens in 2020, he is responsible in 2021 for shooting and editing the video content of our future online training courses.

In his pocket: A bachelor’s degree in natural environments, cinema studies and a notebook to jot down new ideas that cross his mind.

Étienne Belles-Isles
Notices the beauty in everything
Takes off his shoes as soon as possible
Stretches his back by doing some yoga poses
Rosalie Beaucage
Master of arts in végépâté
Go from the violin to the drawing pad to the garden...
Always stays chill

Rosalie Beaucage

Occasional collaborator
(Writing, illustration, animation)

Convinced that it is by strengthening the social bond that things can be changed, Rosalie likes to popularize various aspects of urban agriculture in order to democratize knowledge. Putting her work experience on organic farms and in permaculture to the service of her convictions, she also makes good use of her literary and creative talents to promote gardening. She is notably behind the pretty fresco that decorates our container in the Louise Basin Gardens.

In her pocket: A bachelor’s degree in literary studies, a few brushes and maybe a bunch of Swiss chard that she brings back by bike.

Dominique Manny
Peels his daily carrot
Comes to work cross-country skiing
Has a fit of laughter that makes everyone laugh

Dominique Manny

*On leave*

Project, multimedia and supply manager
Mâche-patate Producer

Dominique is our project manager and human-Swiss knife. He supports MH Jacques and Vicki in project management, while being in charge of distribution and online orders. Armed with his camera and his bike suit, he is also the eye behind the lens and our favorite director-cameraman-sound-technician-editor. When the “damn technology” gets in our way, he is the geek who solves everything with a smile.

In his pocket: A bachelor’s degree in biology and a master’s degree in environmental sciences. And his camera, of course.

Claude-Marie Boulay-Côté

Horticultural trainer and speaker

Thomas Boulanger

Horticulturist and carpenter

Xavier Pelletier-Daigle

Seasonal horticulturist

Annie-Rose Audy-Dubé

Seasonal horticulturist

Board of directors

  • Hubert Corbeil


    Advisor to the general direction at TELUQ University
    Lecturer at Université Laval

  • Véronic Dufour
    M. Env

    Vice President

    Strategic consultant in Sustainable development at Maillon Vert

  • Anabelle Dubé


    Programs manager at 2 Degrés and Marketing consultant

  • Luc Godin
    FCPA, FCMA, M. Sc


    Vice-president and Management advisor at Optima Management

  • Véronique Samson


    Urban planning advisor, Sustainable Mobility team at Ville de Québec

  • Antoine Lacasse
    M. Sc. Adm.


    Account manager at Caisse d’économie solidaire
  • Mélissage Bélanger

    Student Administrator

    Candidate for a master’s in nutrition and student for a certificate in horticulture and green space management at Université Laval

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Mrs. Eisenmann and Mr. Denault founded Les Urbainculteurs in 2009. After eight seasons of passion and hard work, they chose to dedicate themselves to other projects. Since January 2017, Mr. Johann Girault has been replacing them as General Director.

  • Marie Eisenmann


  • Francis Denault


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