Project description

From 2014, the concrete of the Grand Théâtre de Québec has been enlivened by living willow arches and flowers, that went around the building. A small garden section was also planted on the terrace of the theater, the crops benefiting to Lauberivière. In the summer of 2016, a large vegetable garden of fifty Smart Pots, each 1.27 m in diameter, was added to the courtyard of the Québec City Music Conservatory, next to the theater. Maintained in collaboration with volunteers from Loisirs Montcalm, the garden of 80 varieties of vegetables, herbs and berries produces prolific crops, distributed to families in need by Saint-Vincent-de-Paul. In 2017, the planters around the building were brought into the inner courtyard of the Conservatory and planted with veggies, doubling the area of the garden there. It is a project that proves to us every year that an urban heat island benefits from being transformed into a garden, because the plants make the most of the microclimate there!

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