Ville de Québec

Project description

Since 2017, we have created various public spaces for the City of Quebec. Discover them below.

Jacques Cartier Square

St-Roch: there isn’t more urban than that in Quebec. In the heart of the lower town, this district continues its impressive transformation in recent years. Jacques-Cartier square, next to the Gabrielle-Roy library, is in the center of St-Roch and its beautiful social diversity.

The ephemeral public square was first designed and developed by Atelier Le Banc in 2016. Les Urbainculteurs joined the project in 2017 to add green, color and life to the public space . And why not self-service vegetables? When we’ve seen all those who stop at Jacques-Cartier square to eat, study, relax or socialize… we concluded to a great success! Learn more in this video.

This ephemeral public square is closed from the end of 2019 for the major renovations of the Gabrielle-Roy library.


City Hall Square

Come closer! Approach, ladies and gentlemen! Public entertainers attract crowds all summer, in the City Hall Square. The City of Quebec therefore wanted to add seating and limit the trampling of the lawn, while growing edible greenery, available to all. In collaboration with Tergos who designed the furniture, we installed long benches and a tribune, as well as pots where Swiss chard, kale, spinach and herbs grow.


Jean-Béliveau Square

Music, food trucks, games, colors: for the inauguration of the Jean-Béliveau square in September 2017, the motto was to create an inviting and fun place. In order to give an idea of the potential of this large public square at the front of the Centre Vidéotron, the inauguration has created opportunities for meetings, socialization… and wonder!

The enchanted forest, the labyrinth and the flight of monarch butterflies added a touch of magic to this event which aimed to give a foretaste of the real living environment that Jean-Béliveau square can be.


Richard Garneau Square

At the corner of Cartier and René-Lévesque streets, at the heart of the Montcalm district, Richard-Garneau square was improved in 2017 at the request of the City of Quebec. The colorful furniture was designed in collaboration with our partner Constructions Ensemble, and we have obviously added several edible plants! Available for all citizens who wish to pick herbs, edible flowers, cherry tomatoes and peppers, they added a touch of greenery to this place otherwise very concreted. And above all: this public square was more welcoming and comfortable, to the delight of passers-by!