Simple to use, productive, and affordable! Smart Pots are gardening pots made of geotextile in which one can grow anything, anywhere, easily and at low cost. Lightweight, durable and unbreakable, they are available in many sizes (from a few liters to several hundred). Perfect for both small balconies and big rooftop gardens, paved or contaminated land. And everywhere to create instant gardens.

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General information

Smart Pots technology is both simple and ingenious. It is the porosity of the material, a thick geotextile, that ensures an optimal root development and thus optimal plants. Specifically, Smart Pots provide excellent root development because:

  • The fabric allows aeration of soil and root system, one of the basic principles of gardening.
  • In the Smart Pots, when a root reaches the wall of the container, growth stops and the plant develops new roots. The result is a dense root system rather than a few large roots spiraling along the walls.
  • The airflow prevents overheating observed in conventional pots on hot days, which is harmful to roots and microorganisms.

A versatile container

  • Suitable for all types of crops, vegetables and ornamental
  • Allows the cultivation of root and tuber vegetables (radishes, carrots, turnips, Jerusalem artichokes, sweet potatoes)
  • Possibility to roll the top of the bag to reduce the depth (eg. To grow radishes in a large bag)
  • Also suitable for hydroponics and aquaponics.

A container simple to use

  • Easy maintenance : washable and foldable for storage if necessary
  • Lightweight, durable material (7-10 years), unbreakable
  • Simplified wintering: Smart Pots can stay outside in the winter and be amended in the following year (adding compost) to start gardening.
  • Possibility to add a dish (to prevent water runoff) or slightly raise the pots of soil (on wooden slats for example) to ensure proper ventilation underneath.

How to wash Smart Pots?

First step: use a brush and water. For more stubborn stains, you can use OxiClean or another stain remover. For thorough cleaning after illness, you can wash the Smart Pots in the washing machine.

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