Transform the city. Equip, train and inspire you to do the same. Whether by creating urban gardens, passing on our passion through training or offering products adapted to the urban context, our goal remains the same: promote urban agriculture!

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Garden design

Our speciality? Vegetable gardens and edible landscapes of medium and large sizes for organizations. Rooftops, terraces, in the ground: according to your needs, we can offer a turnkey garden (from design to harvest) or only some of the services below.


Evaluation of your site and your goals, garden plan design and accurate costing.


We can set up your garden or coach your staff for a great team building activity. Our professional team will prepare the site, install and fill containers if necessary, design the irrigation system and perform a neat and fast planting operation.

Maintenance and harvest

Full support of the garden throughout the season and harvest of the crops, entirely or with the participation of your team. It is possible to schedule trainings to assist you in the process of a gradual transition to maintaining your own garden.


If you manage the garden with your team, we propose training sessions and activities during the season. This is an opportunity to bring together gardeners, share knowledge and answer questions while ensuring the health of your garden.


We can prepare the site for wintertime, remove annual plants, cover certain plants, move culture containers to facilitate snow removal if necessary, etc.

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Conferences and Training

Un groupe sous un arbre qui assiste à une formation.

Urban agriculture, that’s what we do. That’s what we are passionate about and what we work for day after day. Whether at conferences, workshops or training, we make you benefit from our experience.

Libraries, schools, events, corporate activities… we adapt to your needs and to all audiences. From ecological gardening techniques to international projects, we address all subjects with as much enthusiasm!

We also set up a series of 6 full days of training in urban agriculture (in French only), spread over the growing season. Keep an eye out for our 2019 series!


Product offer

Farming in the city has its own constraints. In order to give you a hand, we offer concrete solutions to grow in the city, small, medium or large scale. In our shop and online, you will find products adapted to the urban environment, from Smart Pots to irrigation systems, through potting soil, compost, organic seeds…

By buying from us, you directly encourage local urban agriculture! Because all your cents, 100% of our sales, are reinvested in our mission.

We are also importers of Smart Pots in Canada. Contact us if you want to become a reseller.

We offer discounts on Smart Pots to our members. Join us!
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Consulting Services

Un conseiller souriant montre un plan de jardin à une cliente.

Over the years, we have developed a professional expertise in ecological gardening and urban agriculture. Are you thinking of an edible garden, in pots or in the ground? We want to help you!

From the evaluation of your space to the choice of plants, and through the garden plan, we assist you in thinking and designing your project. We put our experience at the disposal of municipalities, organizations and community gardens!

Municipalities, we can also assist you in setting up an urban agriculture policy or community or collective gardens.

I need advice

If you are a citizen who would like advice for their garden, consult our horticultural adviceWhen time permits, we also offer personalized online consultations (in French, mostly, but contact us for further inquiry if you would like a consultation in English).

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