Transform the city. Equip, train and inspire you to do the same. Whether by creating urban gardens, passing on our passion through training or offering products adapted to the urban context, our goal remains the same: promote urban agriculture!

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Training and Activities

Une horticultrice portant un t-shirt des Urbainculteurs parle devant un groupe d'une dizaine de personnes. Le groupe est sur une toiture et plusieurs plantes se trouvent tout autour.

Urban agriculture, that’s what we do. That’s what we are passionate about and what we work for day after day. Whether at conferences, workshops or training, we make you benefit from our experience.


We regularly offer conferences about urban agriculture and ecological gardening for a variety of organizations, including recreation services, libraries and community events. If we are not part of the schedule in your neighborhood, do not hesitate to ask your institutions!


Based on our many years of experience, we have put together a comprehensive training course on urban gardening, following the course of the season, from the design of your garden to its closure for the winter.

This simple, accessible and fun course can be completed at any time, and at your own pace, because it is now online (French only at the moment)! It is now launched and you can start your classes at any time.


Throughout the season, we offer various activities, short training sessions and visits at the Louise Basin Gardens, in the Old Port of Quebec. The schedule for these activities will be posted on our Activity Calendar.

Un groupe sous un arbre qui assiste à une formation.

Product offer

Farming in the city has its own constraints. In order to give you a hand, we offer concrete solutions to grow in the city, small, medium or large scale. On our online shop, you will find products adapted to the urban environment, from Smart Pots to irrigation systems, through potting soil, compost, organic seeds…

Each year, we also organize two sales events in Quebec:

  • A group order of fruit trees and shrubs from the Pépinière Ancestrale nursery (March-April, delivery in early May);
  • An annual sale of young plants of organic vegetables and herbs for the kitchen garden (end of May / beginning of June).

By buying from us, you directly encourage local urban agriculture! Because all your cents, 100% of our sales, are reinvested in our mission.

We offer discounts on Smart Pots to our members. Join us!
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Plusieurs plateaux de jeunes plantes sont disposés au sol et sur des tables. Un homme en tient un dans ses mains. À l'arrière, on aperçoit un chapiteau de vente, puis des bâtiments urbains.

Consulting Services

Un conseiller souriant montre un plan de jardin à une cliente.

Over the years, we have developed a professional expertise in urban agriculture, whether it’s growing on rooftops, in pots or in the ground.

There are various ways you can benefit from our expertise:

  • Personalized consultations: when time permits (usually before April), we offer an online consultation service to guide you through your garden project or answer your gardening questions. Check the availability of this service on our online store.
  • We provide online Q&A sessions for our members, with one of our horticulturists. 
  • For specific questions that do not require consultation, it is always possible to contact us by email or phone.
  • For our online training course and other activities, see above.
  • Finally, if you are carrying out a project for a group or an organization, we are also happy to support you! Take a look at our services to organizations or contact us for consulting services.