Well-being, ecology, social commitment, local sourcing, sense of belonging… there’s more to the garden than veggies! Since 2009, we support organizations in customized or turnkey projects, combining aesthetics, ecology and efficiency.
We make sure your ideas grow!

Our services

Over the years, we have developed a professional expertise in ecological gardening and urban agriculture, as well as in the management of large-scale projects. Are you thinking of an edible landscape or of setting up a market garden production in the city? We want to help you!

We share our experience with municipalities, organizations and community gardens. We are also able to assist you in setting up an urban agriculture policy, as well as community or collective gardens policies.

From technical and financial analysis to the choice of plants, including the garden plan, we support you in your reflection and design a garden adapted to your needs.
Our carpentry team has designed and manufactured more than 600 garden boxes and other wood items for the garden (raised beds, arches, pergolas, etc.) in the last three years alone. Find our entire range of products in our catalog (compressed version, uncompressed version) or contact us for special projects!
Once the project is approved, we take care of preparing your land, installing everything you need and, when the time is right, planting your edible plants!

The installation usually includes an automated irrigation system. We install gardens in pots, raised containers, raised beds and in the ground. We can also build aesthetic and durable wood containers.

Depending on your needs, we can maintain your garden throughout the season, with weekly or biweekly sessions. This will ensure that you have a healthy, aesthetic and productive garden.

Your team can also join us to learn how to garden with experts! If you choose coached gardening, our horticulturists will provide the necessary explanations and support to your team. The best way to learn is to get your hands dirty!

Unless you prefer that your team tends to it, we ensure consistent harvests, at the optimum times for delicious veggies.

If you wish so, we can also take care of sharing your harvests with a community organization or a food bank

In the fall, we prepare your garden for the cold season. If the facilities need to be moved for the winter, we make sure they are moved safely, and without breaking the irrigation system.
You wish to mobilize and motivate your employees, get them to get more involved in the garden? We can offer you customized animations. More than a coached gardening session, the animations in the garden are offered around a predetermined theme and allow to deepen your knowledge, both theoretically and practically.

We also offer a conference service, full online training  and gardening equipment suitable for the urban environment.

Since 2022, we have been offering turnkey hydroponic growing kits for organizations. Our hydroponic indoor growing systems produce a wide variety of vegetables directly in enriched water (no soil).

They measure 4 to 8 feet wide by 6 to 8 feet high (18 inches deep), all for 3 levels of culture.

Our kits come with all the necessary equipment (lamps, pump, reserve, etc.), installation, starter plants. We also offer our customers a wide variety of plants, maintenance and advice.

These services are offered on a turnkey and à la carte basis, for maximum flexibility.

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To learn more: check out or portfolio, carpentry catalog and press review.

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Benefits of business garden

Benefits of business garden

Planting fennel in front of the National Assembly of Quebec

How to proceed

Thinking about a project? Here’s what to consider:

  • Your needs and preferences
  • Your goal: aesthetic, ecological, social or productive?
  • Who will benefit from your harvests
  • The available surface
  • The amount of sunshine at the chosen location
  • The access to water
  • If the project is on a roof, the safety and accessibility of it

Contact-us to discuss your project. During a first (free) meeting, we will be able to visit the site and evaluate the possibilities, while talking about the objective of your project.

Operations calendar

Operations calendar

Video testimonials

As urban agriculture professionnals, we have been cultivating their roof, terrace or yard for years: who better than our partners to tell you the benefits of urban agriculture?

Discover the gardens of Hôtel du Vieux-Québec and Tournebroche restaurant, Cossette communication agency, La Barberie microbrewery and Grand Théâtre de Québec… and let yourself be inspired!

Video in French only.

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